All Day at Home

This new program is to help fill your child’s day and build capacity when for some reason, they have to be at home all day.

The first visual board contains the Morning Routine Checklist to help the child become independent in the morning routine.

The Choice Boards provide a structure for the day. Using a pre-planned program where three daily visual schedules (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) allow your child to practice choice making of 5 activities from a choice of 10 on your iPad, phone, or computer, thereby planning, do the activity in the pictures and check them off upon completion (independence).

Included is also a visual Body Break Choice Board to keep your child’s CNS at a balance which acts as a source of self-regulation.

Also included are several visual boards for Indoor Chores, Outdoor Chores, and an Independence Choice Board to help the parent set goals and keep track.

Notes for Delivery of the program give helpful tips on how to use the program to it’s full potential. Making the most of mealtimes, free time, self-help, chores and helpful tips for Transitions.

As this is a newly designed program, an introductory offer of $150 for the basic program will be given until April 30th.

The initial basic program includes curriculum.  If new content is required a fee of $75 will be charged. The visual schedule boards will remain active at no extra cost for no less than 5 months.   

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the program, please email [email protected]. Thank you.