Years of Experience

Hours of one-on-one private educational experiences

Kathleen has a combination of Special Education, Music Therapy and Sensory Integration which gives her a thorough repertoire of techniques to motivate and educate children with autism and various developmental disabilities in an enjoyable and non-threatening fashion.

She has developed and implemented several programs for young children, teens, and young adults with special needs, as well as, presented to thousands of their parents and teachers over the past 24 years. Kathleen has over 20,000 hours of one-on-one private educational experiences with children with autism and various developmental disabilities and their parents. She has developed a program called Family Contribution/Family Pride for teens and young adults which teaches life skills which allow them to contribute to the chores in the home.

In addition, Kathleen has also piloted and ran a summer program camp for past 5 years titled Outdoor Work Experience Summer Day Camp where teens and young adults with autism and special needs learn appropriate work behaviours and social skills while learning skills that will transfer to home such as raking, painting, planting, watering, pruning and many other outdoor chores.

For the preschool and primary age Kathleen has developed a program called Music and Neurodevelopment Circle which provides an opportunity for the children to practice language and listening skills, social skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as work on sensory processing issues in a very motivating music and sensory filled circle. Experience has taught her that the education of children with autism and special needs is a challenge for the children themselves, as well as, their teachers and parents. Her experience as a teacher in a school system, a private clinician, a workshop provider for parents and teachers, and a program originator have allowed her an in depth understanding of the learning styles and needs of her students in an educational setting.  She is comfortable with all children whatever their diagnosis.


Private Sessions


We can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done with our daughter over the past two years. You have really brought her out of her shell and instilled her with the confidence to enter into new relationships outside of the family. Your presence has also been a major support for us-from practical strategies to generally modelling how to have fun with our little one even when it has been a tough day. You are truly talented at what you do and you’ve made a huge difference to us as we’ve come to understand and parent our daughter. Thank you.


May & Ben

I am so thankful that I made that last minute decision to take that workshop with you last fall. You have been a big part of the progress our daughter has made in the past year and also a good sounding board when I had things on my mind.



You have been our son’s dearly loved therapist now for almost 3 years- I can’t believe how quickly time went. I’ll never forget the first time we met at our house all enthusiastic. I knew you were special at the first meeting. Our son took to you right away, and after you left I was so excited at the thought of your helping him. 


You have done so much for him and for me. You showed me so much about how to engage his interests and work with his strengths. You’re a great problem solver, and I have never seen anyone in my life who has such a unique talent for creative and inspiring activities and games. And then there is the music- I was always so glad for our son that he could share his love of music with someone with such musical talent. 



Thank you for sharing your expertise, time and students for the video, “Making Sense of Sensory Integration”. We are thrilled with the results and are receiving great feedback.


Lorraine and June


Thank you for sharing your expertise on Sensory Processing. Your presentation has provided rich insight into the complexity of this domain and will be beneficial for us in implementing strategies to support our students.


OCSB Educators, Student Services, and Special Education

Very much enjoyed this workshop. I learned some new things. The presenter was excellent!


I learned a lot and found this workshop very useful. I realized that I may have been looking at certain “stims” the wrong way. Very interesting!


Great ideas, helpful tools, and reinforced the importance of allowing for individual personalities. Know the students you are with!