What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is the process whereby the brain receives all of the various sensory messages through the neural pathways and organizes them into coherent messages that can be understood and acted upon, everything we do requires it.  Strong neural connections integrated together between the sensory areas are the foundation of development.

Sensory Integration Therapy was developed to help a person with Sensory Integrative Dysfunction’s ability to process sensory input more efficiently through their central nervous system. It provides experiences that are specifically designed to promote the development and strengthening of new and efficient neural pathways.

Sensory Integration Therapy helps “get the brain ready to learn”. When sensory dysfunction issues have been addressed and neural processing is efficient, development and learning become spontaneous.

Kathleen’s therapy style includes Sensory Integration, to help the child build body awareness and help to correct over- or under-sensitivities that they may have to their environment.   She has found that Sensory Integration exercises are very effective in decreasing anxiety while increasing attention, retention of cognitive materials, engagement, motivation to complete tasks, and organizational skills.


Sensory Integration Therapy helps “get the brain ready to learn”

Some of the areas targeted by Kathleen’s Sensory Integration Therapy

Auditory Processing

Auditory Sensitivities

Tactile Sensitivities

Visual Processing


Muscle Tone and Coordination



Fine and Gross Motor Development

Reading, Writing and Numeracy