Private Sessions


All new clients begin with a 2 hour Home Visit comprised of an Initial Sensory Motor Assessment of the child and Consultation with the parent(s) and/or guardian(s). Private clients attend weekly sessions in the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Each session is 60 minutes during which parents are welcome to stay either in the room with their child or in the private waiting room. Convenient free parking is available. These private sessions are intended to facilitate neurodevelopment- the formation of new neural pathways. This philosophy is based on well-known research which demonstrates neuroplasticity and the ability of the brain to continue to develop at any age. This technique has been found to improve sensory processing, behaviour, attention span, communication skills, motivation, cognitive abilities, motivation, and engagement, fine and gross motor skills, as well as, general happiness.


Contact  Kathleen for an Initial Consultation.

Driving time for Consultations and Workshops has an additional cost which can be calculated by looking at the zones in the Travel Rates map below.
  • Zone A                        $35

  • Zone B                        $70

  • Zone C                        $100

  • Beyond Zone C           To be arranged



Sensory Motor Consultations are arranged to assess the child’s sensory processing profile, consult with the parent, and suggest strategies for incorporating a sensory diet/ body break plan into the child’s daily routine.

These consultations usually take place in the child’s home if they are in the Ottawa area.

The base fee for a Sensory Motor Consultation is $332.50


Skills Development Programs


Family Contribution/Family Pride Consultations are suitable for pre-teens to young adults.  These consultations are aimed at assessing the sensory motor processing, motor abilities, and interests of the young person in relation to helping out around the home. Kathleen believes that work skills begin in the home and are more easily transferred out into the community.

After consulting with the parent, a chores plan with an incentives chart will be created to help the parent and young person to track their chores and achieve their incentives. If a parent requires an outside person to teach these chores, this can be arranged.




  • Introduction to Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopment: Theory and Practice
  • Classroom Body Breaks for Everyone (primary/junior)
  • Age Appropriate Sensory Integration for Teens
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Family Contribution/ Family Pride

Contact  Kathleen for more information.